Remember that our new L.H.J.A. year begins December 1, 2012 and ends November 30, 2013. Renew your membership NOW. Points will not accumulate for you and your horse until you have paid your dues.
A cancelled check or signed receipt will be necessary for proof of membership. Please note that the organization has
discontinued family memberships.

There are many benefits to being a L.H.J.A. member.
1. Points are tallied for you and your horse for each L.H.J.A.     horse show.
2. You immediately become eligible for the end of year awards.
3. You receive newsletters with up to date information.
4. You become a part of the state organization.

For questions concerning membership email
Sandy Bryant or call 985.796.0713.
Kathleen Aertker or call 225-205-2171.

To apply for membership,
please fill out and mail-in our printable Membership Form.